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Our Services

Butterfield Speaks customizes communication skills training to individuals or groups of any size. Our first step is to assess the needs, abilities and opportunities for participants. Then we create a winning approach to best serve your team.


Individualized Consulting and Coaching

Focused preparation for any high stakes opportunity; partner pitches, TED Talks, product demos, leadership speeches and conference presentations. Butterfield Speaks will help you build a presentation with compelling substance, then coach for dazzling delivery. Consulting and Coaching

Signature Workshops

Successful workshops come in every size, from intimate sessions for key leaders to large “all hands” events. Workshops can provide basic skills training, prepare whole teams for  an upcoming launch event or set the stage for a corporate culture change. All of the content is delivered within the context of your business needs. Signature Workshops

Media Skills Training

Event specific “Just in Time” sessions ensure that leaders and key spokespersons will excel in national broadcasts, in major media publications and at industry events. Deep dive workshops are popular with leaders strengthening their spokesperson bench, or for product launches and pro-active news cycles. Media Skills Training

Online Curriculum

Richard Butterfield’s Power of Persuasion curriculum has been shaped and refined through years of coaching high level executives in some of the world’s most successful corporations.  24/7/365 availability of this twelve module video program makes it an affordable solution for a large workforces, geographically dispersed teams, or individuals motivated to become great communicators. Read More