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From the Field

 Butterfield Speaks tailors every service to meet the needs of the client. Here’s a short list of our recent success stories:


  • Message and Media Preparation for a successful BOOK LAUNCH.  Interviews on CBS This Morning and in major print publications.
  • Content development and rehearsal for LEADERSHIP TEAM PRESENTATIONS AND KEYNOTE ADDRESSES  for a  prominent technology company’s sales and marketing conference.
  • Message development and media training and scriptwriting for a major consumer electronics PRODUCT LAUNCH.
  • All-day PHYSICIAN LEADERSHIP WORKSHOP for 150 participants.
  • Message development and presentation skills training for a Public Company’s QUARTERLY INVESTOR CALL.
  • IMPROVISATION AND TEAM BUILDING  workshop for leadership at a Top Ten interactive entertainment franchise.
  • Facilitated workshop on CONSULTATIVE RELATIONSHIP EXCELLENCE  for a leading online web services design shop.
  • POWER OF PERSUASION WORKSHOP  for high potential leaders at a large retail company.
  • Led working sessions which developed PRE-IPO KEY MESSAGES for a now-public technology company.
  • Message Development, scripting and onsite rehearsal for an IT THOUGHT LEADERSHIP KEYNOTE for industry leading event.