Delivery is crucial, but first you need a story to tell.
We help you master both.

--Andrew Hurteau, Associate

See examples of recent customized workshops.

Signature Workshops

Butterfield Speaks workshops are customized to align our winning curriculum with your unique needs. We work with content, stories and messages that are urgent and relevant to your business. Your team will learn and practice essential skills to communicate with power, clarity and precision.


The Power of Persuasion

In this highly interactive workshop, we unlock a wide range of essential skills required to be a master communicator and persuader:

  • Access your personal power to persuade (attitude, listening and vision).
  • Discover and develop the message (proofs, storytelling and presentation structure).
  • Master your craft as a dynamic communicator (rehearsal techniques, physical and vocal presence and Q & A best practices).

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Communication as the Action Verb of Leadership

This workshop provides strategy and best practices for leaders driving change.

  • Design a compelling vision of the future and a credible pathway to get there
  • Rehearse message delivery that speaks to both head and heart to inspire action
  • Navigate resistance with expert coaching and feedback

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Persuasive Storytelling

We believe everyone is a good storyteller: it just takes practice. In this workshop, we practice using storytelling for more compelling and persuasive communications.

  • Learn the basic building blocks of persuasive storytelling.
  • Apply different types of stories to suit the purpose: aspirational stories, anecdotes, analogies, hero stories, and cautionary tales.
  • Build and practice your stories with feedback and coaching for presentation style and content.
  • Harvest storytelling content to align with and amplify your differentiated messages.

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Strategic Messaging

A high-impact session designed to identify and refine compelling key messages.

  • Discover and develop your message using Butterfield Speaks techniques.
  • Incorporate your new messaging into various communication vehicles: internal/external presentations, web presence, marketing materials and more.
  • Bullet-proof your messages through Q & A simulation and coaching.

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Courageous Conversations

This workshop is specifically designed to help leaders better navigate difficult communications in the workplace – both in one-on-one and group discussions.

  • Learn and apply effective preparation and execution protocol.
  • Practice and receive coaching on courageous conversations using relevant, urgent scenarios.
  • Explore and adopt best practices to facilitate meaningful agreements.

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Pressure Cooker


Expect the unexpected. In this workshop, participants develop ways to prepare for, and skillfully manage, the most common stage mishaps. 

  • Pressure test your presentation with worst case scenario training.
  • Experience the adrenaline rush from a presentation surprise.
  • Practice, prepare and respond using tactics to buy time and catch your breath.

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