Great Storytellers are Great Persuaders

We need story; otherwise the tremendous randomness of experiences overwhelms us. Story is what penetrates — Robert Coover, Brown University

Whether played out by actors, shared around a kitchen table, or told from a podium, great stories command our attention with that irresistible question: What will happen next? They can draw us to the edge of our sets — literally– in anticipation of the answer, and they can take away our breath when they deliver it.

Stories entertain. Well-told stories can make the presenter and the occasion memorable, which is impactful in itself.

But the great power and purpose of stories in business and professional communications is to make a point. You can claim that your product or service is superior, but you can prove it with a story. You can spell out your company’s core values, but you can illustrate and validate them with stories. You can describe what “differentiates” your brand, but you can make your brand both unmistakable and unforgettable with stories. You can suggest that people act or change, but with a well-told story, you can jolt them into action!


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