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The Power of Persuasion Online: Vision

  There is no favorable wind to the sailor who has no destination.   — Seneca February seems like a good time to ask: What would you love the future of your company to be? What specific outcome are you passionate about creating?  What goals are you determined to reach? Today, Butterfield Speaks releases its next offering to you:  Module 3:  The Vision Thing. […]

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The Power of Persuasion Online – Listen Up!

It’s January and we are all setting our sites on a successful 2019. How do we get there? Communication excellence, of course! This month, we focus on an essential foundational skill for persuasive communication: Listening. In the second module in Richard Butterfield’s Power of Persuasion curriculum, you will learn why an effective persuasion begins with effective listening. Richard will share techniques for […]

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Anatomy of a Successful Meeting

How often do you walk away from a day full of meetings feeling unproductive and uninspired? It’s time to step up: PREPARE, UNIFY, CLARIFY, INTENSIFY, and UNLEASH your teams.  You can run meetings that generate engagement and create a forward-moving agenda. Meetings don’t just happen. They require preparation.  Review the context. Do a situational assessment and determine the who, when, where and […]

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