The Power of Persuasion Online – Module 2: Listen Up!

It’s January and we are all setting our sites on a successful 2019. How do we get there? Communication excellence, of course! This month, we focus on an essential foundational skill for persuasive communication: Listening.

Listening SkillsIn this second module in Richard Butterfield’s Power of Persuasion curriculum, you will learn why an effective persuasion begins with effective listening. Richard will share techniques for improving your listening skills, from identifying and adapting your own style of listening to varying your speech to best deal with another’s style of listening. You will learn and practice a method of inquiry that will help you determine and overcome obstacles to your persuasion. Finally, you will learn the importance of listening while you present.

Whether you are tasked with driving culture change in your organization, pitching a new product, or negotiating a big change at home, your success will depend on your ability to listen effectively!

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Get started now — Download and practice the following Listening exercises using content that is relevant to your own challenges.

Exercise: Listening for Understanding

Exercise: Listening for Obstacles

Next month: Vision



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