The Power of Persuasion Online: Vision

Sailing ship on the sea

  There is no favorable wind to the sailor who has no destination.   — Seneca

February seems like a good time to ask: What would you love the future of your company to be? What specific outcome are you passionate about creating?  What goals are you determined to reach?

Today, Butterfield Speaks releases its next offering to you:  Module 3:  The Vision Thing.

Every success story has within its history the seed of a dream,  the spark of a vision.  Every masterpiece ever built, began with some sort of blueprint, first in thought, then in form.  A keen understanding of the past along with an astute observation of the present can bring clarity to what is needed in the future.

We live in exciting times where science bears evidence to the potency of a vibrant and detailed vision. When we focus on our ideal outcome, using the mental faculty of imagination to awaken our senses, we are transported to an “already done experience” of that vision fulfilled.

Such was the process of luminaries like Thomas Edison (pun intended), Steve Jobs and the indominable Malala Yousafzai. Olympic athletes know the power of playing the mental movie of their success. Our mind doesn’t know the difference between the past, the present and the future. And so, it is imperative that we be deliberate with our thoughts and spend time envisioning that which invigorates, inspires and uplifts. But how does one create a vision in the first place? And then how does one communicate that to persuade and inspire others?

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