The Power of Persuasion Online – Module 4: Building Message Mantra


“I would have written you a shorter letter, but I didn’t have time.”

Blaise Pascal?  Mark Twain?  No matter who said it first – or better – everybody who sits down to draft their talk track begins with waaaay too much information. It all feels important! So how do you prioritize and hone those details into a crisp and resonant presentation? How do you take that jumbled drawer of details and deliver key messages that are crystal clear and memorable to your audience?

In Building Message Mantra you will be introduced to concepts and tools that will help you hone your presentation. You will practice reducing the sauce to develop succinct, powerful key messages. You will learn guidelines for organizing your messages, including the Rule of Three and the power of a single overriding Mantra Message. Finally, Mr. Butterfield will introduce you to three powerful vehicles that you can use in your persuasions; the Thesis Approach, the Powerbite and the Story.

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