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Richard Butterfield developed this communication skills curriculum toRBs_PowerofPersuasion plug into corporate  leadership development programs. Now, for the first time, the entire online program is available by individual subscription.


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This series of 12 videos will improve every aspect of your presentation, from tailoring your speech for each audience to the techniques of rehearsal and delivery.

  • High impact video series gives you access to the same concepts Butterfield Speaks teaches high level executives and leaders in all professions. Review Curriculum summary.
  • Practice exercises and templates help you develop real content for your next presentation as you learn new skills.
  • Supplemental readings encourage a deeper dive into key concepts. They are yours to download and keep even after your one-year subscription ends.


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Section I: Accessing Your Power to Persuade

Before you attempt to craft your message, take time for personal preparation.

1 – Three Truths about Attitude
Professional Passion | Victor, Not Victim | Professional Responsibility

2 – Listening Skills
The Power of Listening | Assessing Your Listening Skills | Listening for Obstacles

3 – Vision
The Power of the Visionary Leader | Building a Compelling Vision | Futurecasting

Section II: Discovering and Developing Your Message

Learn to create clear, compelling messages.

4 – Building Message Mantra

Prioritizing Your Message | Reducing the Sauce | Thesis, Powerbites, & Storytelling

5 – Powerbites 

Powerbites Defined | Powerbites for Every Occasion

6 – Storytelling

Six Types of Persuasive Storytelling | How to Tell Great Stories

7 – Strategic Preparation

Risk/Opportunity Assessment | Objectives and Obstacles | Message and Theme

8 – Structuring Your Presentation

The Hook, Promise & Roadmap | PowerPoint Tips | Beyond PowerPoint


Section III: Mastering Your Craft as a Communicator

Strategies and techniques for performance excellence.

9 – Rehearsal Techniques

The Importance of Rehearsal | Effective Rehearsal Techniques

10 – The Power of the Voice

Vocal Warm-up and Articulation | Persuasive Vocal Techniques | Vocal Health

11 – Physical Life and Gesture

Think Like a Director | Finding “Money” Positions | Staging Your Presentation

12 – Question and Answer Technique
Turn Question and Answer into Question and Message | The Q&A Playbook

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