Are Your Spokespeople Media Ready?

Butterfield Speaks Media Training creates skilled, confident spokespeople ready to deliver your critical message and control your high stakes messaging opportunities.




Just in Time

Media training to prepare your leaders facing media broadcasts, industry events and major media publications.


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Leadership Skills Workshop

Building a Team of Spokespersons


Build your Bench

Deepen your spokesperson bench, or prepare your team for a major public event.

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Depending on Experience, Sessions May Include:

Message Development Coaching

Message development around specific stories, sound bites and quotable quotes

Developing Key Messages

Practice delivering messages with specificity, clarity and power.

Broadcast Media Practice

Broadcast media simulation and coaching to become comfortable in front of the camera.

Media Training Course

Print and broadcast savvy: how the media works and how to use it to achieve goals.

Handling Question and Answer Sessions

Question and answer playbook for a repertoire of proven interview techniques.

Interview Practice

Simulated interviews provide practice and coaching for both friendly and hostile scenarios.

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Media Savvy Mini Lesson

Richard Butterfield can help you prepare to face the media with confidence and conviction. Enjoy this glimpse into the Media Savvy Short Course.



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