Does Your Team Communicate with Impact?

We curate and customize highly interactive workshops to develop presentation content and performance skills using messages and stories that are urgent and relevant to your business.


Focus Your Training

We collaborate on a workshop design targeting your team’s specific needs.

Work Your Message

Teams practice and get feedback on the content they will use in real time.

Own the Spotlight

Get your team on their feet to rehearse for polish and presence.

Soft Skills Training

Communication Skills For Leaders

Our Foundational Curriculum

All workshops are based on Richard Butterfield’s Power of Persuasion and includes tactics for Accessing your Power to Persuade, Discovering and Developing your Message and Mastering your craft as a communicator.
Curriculum Overview

We Customize Every Workshop

Here’s How:

Customizing Your Workshop: The Protocol
Case Study: Emerging Leaders (Amy)
Case Study: Sell Me on Your Team (Andrew)

Our Most Popular Workshops

Presentation Skills

Presentation Skills Workshops

In this highly interactive workshop, practice skills required to be a master communicator, including Listening, Storytelling, Vocal Presence, Q & A, and more.                                                 
Sample Agenda

Communication for Leaders

Executive Communication Workshops

Strategies and best practices for leaders driving change. Create a compelling vision, rehearse your delivery to inspire action. Navigate resistance with coaching and feedback.
Sample Agenda

Strategic Messaging

Strategic Messaging Workshops

In a focused, intensive session, develop key messages and adapt them to communication channel or audience. Then bullet-proof them through Q & A simulation and coaching. 
Sample Agenda

Persuasive Storytelling

Persuasive Storytelling Workshops

Everyone can tell a good story; it just takes practice! Learn building blocks of persuasive, differentiated storytelling, then build, practice and get feedback on presentation style.
Sample Agenda

Courageous Conversations

Interpersonal Skills Workshops

Navigate difficult communications in the workplace by applying this preparation and execution protocol. Practice using relevant, urgent scenarios to facilitate meaningful agreements.
Sample Agenda

Performing Under Pressure

Presentation Coaching

Expect the unexpected. In this workshop, we learn to manage common stage mishaps. Feel the adrenaline rush from a presentation surprise. Practice using tactics to buy time and catch your breath.
Sample Agenda
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